Preparing to Take the TOEIC Bridge™ Test

 The TOEIC Bridge™ Test

The TOEIC Bridge™ test is not based on the content of a particular English course. It focuses on the beginning to mid-level test taker’s proficiency or overall ability to use English. Improvement in proficiency takes time and is generally achieved through a combination of practice and study.

Sample Questions

Sample questions are an excellent way to practice for the test and become familiar with its format. Additional information about the TOEIC Bridge test can be found in the TOEIC Bridge™ Examinee Handbook (PDF) or in the TOEIC Bridge™ Sample Test (PDF).

Before taking the TOEIC Bridge test, the test taker should read the TOEIC Bridge Examinee Handbook to:

  • become familiar with test directions and format
  • learn how to mark answers on the answer sheet
  • try sample questions in the handbook

Other methods for preparing for the test include:

  • reading
  • watching TV and videos
  • listening to tapes
  • taking an English course
  • speaking with friends and others