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Measures English-language proficiency for beginner to intermediate learners

About the test

The TOEIC Bridge® test is the ideal test to measure beginner to intermediate learners’ emerging English–language skills

Designed to evaluate incremental English language learning progress, the TOEIC Bridge® test measures the listening and reading comprehension skills required at the basic and the independent English level usage.

First step towards English language success
The TOEIC Bridge® test offers an international standard for academic institutions and language training programmes to measure and determine the English-language skills required for a successful early development. The tests use common everyday vocabulary, phrases and key expressions that reflect real-world tasks and provide information that enables decision makers and score users to:
  • Help individuals enhance their value and succeed in today’s global environment.
  • Help businesses train, develop and promote the most qualified employees who can interact effectively with colleagues and clients around the world.
  • Help language programmes place students at appropriate English-language program levels.
  • Highlight English-language instruction areas that need improvement.

The TOEIC Bridge® test is available in paper-and-pencil or online formats, which makes it easy to administer anywhere at any time. This test measures an individual's ability to listen to and read every day English. The test does not require specialised knowledge or vocabulary beyond that of a person who uses English in daily life and minimal workplace English communicative activities. There are two timed sections of 50 multiple-choice questions each.

Duration Section I: Questionnaire
30 minutes Answer Biographical questions
Duration Section II: Listening Comprehension
25 minutes

Test takers will listen to recorded statements, questions, short conversations and short talks in English and answer questions based on what they have heard.

There are three parts:

Part 1: Photographs

Part 2: Question-Response

Part 3: Short Conversations and Short Talks

Duration Section III: Reading Comprehension
35 minutes

Test takers will read single sentences as well as texts and then answer questions based on what they read.

There are three parts:

Part 4: Incomplete Sentences

Part 5: Reading Comprehension

Total time: 1½ hour

More detailed information on test content and sample questions can be found in the TOEIC Bridge® Examinee Handbook



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