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Testing Accommodations

Prometric makes every effort to provide reasonable testing accommodations that enable all test takers to take examinations on a level playing field. Our Testing Accommodation Solutions enable you, regardless of a recognized need or challenge, an equal and fair chance to sit for an exam. Testing organizations play an active and significant role in the determining whether and how requests for testing accommodations for students with special requirements are approved. Prometric works in partnership with them to ensure that test takers with unique needs have full access to the programs and services available.

We take pride in the amount of support we are able to provide to test takers. Our comprehensive line-up of testing aides meet most needs, whether they involve special scheduling/timing, location/setting, software, equipment or the use of personal assistants. A full list of the services and accommodations we provide can be accessed by reading our Testing Accommodations brochure. While requests for testing accommodations must be reasonable, approved (based upon appropriate documentation) and scheduled prior to a test taker appearing for an examination, we are committed to making sure you receive the appropriate accommodations to which you are entitled. Access a listing of our accommodations we can provide.

Please note that not all accommodations can be provided in all countries; accommodations vary by location.

Accommodations and what is reasonable to request vary by country, so to request a testing accommodation for your exam, please call the telephone number of the country or region where you reside, per the list below. ​

Testing Accommodations by Country

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