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Know More About GRE Voucher Code

GRE Exam Voucher: The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Test, administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service), is a widely recognized examination utilized for gaining admission into graduate programs across numerous international universities and institutions. Individuals aspiring to secure admission into leading business schools worldwide or those interested in pursuing master’s or MBA courses typically take the GRE exam.

This assessment assesses candidates’ analytical writing, quantitative ability, and verbal reasoning skills. If you’re considering registering for the GRE Exam, CPS Global provides discounted GRE Exam Vouchers, allowing you to book your exams at special prices.

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GRE Exam Voucher

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) examination voucher comprises a 12-digit alphanumeric code, facilitating the booking of exams at a discounted rate compared to the standard GRE exam fee. This voucher serves as full payment for the examination, offering significant savings on overall exam costs.

GRE Exam Voucher: How It Helps

Candidates have the opportunity to apply the discount for their GRE exam voucher code when reserving a slot through ETS (Educational Testing Service). CPS Global offers fully authenticated exam vouchers at highly competitive prices. The voucher serves as full payment for the exam and is a one-time usage code, allowing candidates to enjoy a discount on their GRE Exam fee.

GRE Exam Voucher: Price

The substantial cost of the GRE exam might hinder your pursuit of studying abroad if you plan to take the test. CPS Global provides a budget-friendly solution with a discounted GRE Exam Voucher, shielding you from escalating exam expenses. Despite the standard GRE exam fee being ₹22,550, you can secure your booking for only ₹20,000 through our offer.


Exam Voucher

Actual PriceOffered PriceSaving
₹ 22,550₹ 20,500₹ 2,050

GRE Exam Voucher: Steps to Buy

Step1: Visit cpsglobal.in & select GRE exam voucher.

Step 2: Click on the Buy GRE Exam Voucher button.

Step 3: Complete the payment via. Net banking, UPI payment, or Debit card.

Step 4: The buyer will receive an email on the register email id containing a voucher code.

Step 5: Use this voucher code while booking the exam slot at the ETS Portal.

GRE Exam Overview:

Name of the ExamGRE
GRE signifiesGraduate Record Examinations
Official Websitehttps://www.ets.org/gre
Specialist forMS courses in the USA
Also received forMBA courses outside India
Conducted byETS (Educational Testing Service)
Mode of Exam

GRE at home

Computer-delivered test

Paper delivered test

GRE Exam Eligibility

There are no specific eligibility criteria set by ETS (Educational Testing Service) for the GRE. Individuals of any age can apply for GRE exams, and there are no restrictions based on qualification. However, candidates pursuing a master’s degree are required to take the GRE test as part of their application process. It is essential for candidates to be aware that, before registering for the GRE exam, they must present valid and original passports as proof of identity at the exam center. Starting from July 1, 2021, candidates appearing for GRE exams have the option to use their Aadhar card as a valid form of identity during the registration process.

Types of GRE Exam

There are two types of GRE Exam;

  • GRE General Test
  • GRE Subject Test

GRE General Test

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has highlighted that the GRE General Test serves as a standardized assessment designed to gauge a candidate’s comprehensive academic preparedness for admission to graduate universities. This test assesses the candidate’s proficiency in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative abilities. Prospective applicants have the flexibility to apply for the GRE General Test at their convenience throughout the year.

GRE Subject Test

The GRE General Test assesses the candidate’s proficiency in a specific field. Conversely, the GRE Subject Test is limited to chemistry, mathematics, physics, and psychology. It is crucial for admission to specialized programs and is offered exclusively in a paper-based format three times a year, specifically in September, October, and April.

GRE Exam Pattern

The GRE exam is structured into three main sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The analytical writing segment consistently takes the initial position, while the order of the remaining sections—verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and the unscored section—can vary. Additionally, exam patterns may differ between online and paper-based formats.

Sections in GRE Exam Pattern

  Analytic Writing – (1 section – two tasks) (60 minutes)

  Verbal Reasoning – (2 sections – 40 questions) (60 minutes)

  Quantitative Reasoning – (2 sections – 40 questions) (70 minutes)

GRE Exam Syllabus

The GRE exam syllabus varies between the GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Test. The GRE General Test assesses a candidate’s proficiency in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. For those aiming to focus on a specific subject area, a GRE Subject Test is necessary, as mandated by the university during the admission process. The GRE Subject Test enhances technical expertise in a chosen field of study.

GRE Exam Fees

In India, the GRE exam fees for students registering from the country amount to ₹22,550 for the general test. If you seek a discount on your fee, consider exploring GRE vouchers available at CPS Global. Utilizing these vouchers can provide you with an exclusive discount on your examination fee. Instead of submitting the full fee, you can use our GRE voucher to avail of the benefits. It’s important to note that applicants will incur additional fees if they wish to change the test centre or reschedule their exam.

GRE Exam Rescheduling & Cancellation Fee

Candidates wishing to reschedule or cancel their GRE exam must initiate the process at least four days prior to the scheduled exam date. Rescheduling incurs an additional fee of $50, while cancellation results in the forfeiture of the exam fee. Additionally, individuals desiring to switch their subject for the GRE exam are subject to an extra fee of $50, designated as the GRE subject test fee.

GRE Special Additional Services

If you want to avail the special additional services of GRE you have to pay an extra fee for it. Below you get the all details of charges that apply for special additional services;

GRE Additional ServicesFee
GRE Standby Testing Fee$ 25
GRE Rescheduling Fee$ 50
GRE Late Registration Fee$ 25
GRE Subject Change Fee$ 50
GRE Changing the Test Centre Fee$ 50

GRE Exam Registration

Prospective test-takers have various options to apply or register for the GRE exam. Applying online or over the phone are widely favored methods. Additionally, candidates have the flexibility to submit their applications through mail or fax, depending on their preference. It is essential to have a valid passport or Aadhar card during the registration process. Moreover, to secure a test slot, applicants need to use a debit or credit card to complete the registration and pay the ₹22,550 fee.

Different ways to register for GRE Exam

  • GRE Phone Registration
  • GRE Online Registration
  • GRE Fax Registration
  • GRE Mail Registration

Steps to apply for GRE Online

Follow the below mentioned steps for applying GRE Exam:

  • Applicants need to register themselves by making an account on the official website of ETS https://www.ets.org/mygre
  • Select the Exam type that you want to take – the GRE General or Subject Exam.
  • Select the option of where to appear in the exam for the GRE exam either at home or at a designated GRE Test Centre.
  • If you are appearing for the GRE test center so choose the nearest GRE test center if you choose home then skip this part.
  • Select the date according to your convenience for the GRE exam.
  • Submit the details
  • Complete the further process & pay the registration fee of $213

If you want a discount on your fee you can visit Grace International for GRE exam vouchers where you can get an exclusive discount on your examination fee.

GRE Exam Day Tips

Check out these top GRE Exam Day tips to ensure a smooth testing experience. Remember, it’s essential to bring a valid and acceptable ID to the test center. For Indian students, this means having a valid passport; there are no exceptions to this policy. Your passport should meet the following criteria:

– It must be an original document.
– It should be valid.
– Your full name must match the name used during exam registration.
– It must include your recent photograph.
– Your passport should also bear your signature.

Please be aware that no personal belongings other than your identification proof are permitted at the exam center, as they may be confiscated.

Prepare thoroughly and arrive at the test center with the necessary documentation to ace your GRE exam!

GRE Exam Scores

Candidates participating in the GRE exam can view their scores by logging into their accounts with their credentials. The GRE exam has a total score range of 260 to 340, with 340 being the maximum and 260 as the minimum. It’s important to note that the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score is reported separately. The composite score mentioned earlier is a combination of the marks obtained in the verbal and quantitative sections.

SectionsGRE Score RangeMean*
Analytical Writing130–170150
Quantitative Reasoning130–170152
Verbal Reasoning0–63.6

Test takers can view their official GRE exam scores approximately 10-15 days after the test date. ETS will transmit your scores to the designated university within three weeks of the test date. Upon the release of your results, you will receive an email notification from ETS, alerting you to check your GRE official results in your registered account. If your preferred college is not included in the listed options, you may contact the administration to request a list of unlisted colleges.


Candidates should only proceed to submit the exam when adequately prepared. Prior to submitting your GRE application, it is crucial to consider two key factors: the deadline for university application and the preparation plan for the GRE exam. Ideally, registering for the GRE exam should be done approximately two months before the initial deadline of your university application form.

Candidates are eligible to take the GRE exam at intervals of 21 days, with a maximum of five attempts allowed within any consecutive 12-month period.

Yes, you will get 100% authenticated GRE exam vouchers from Grace International.

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